Aquatower Berdorf

Enjoy at an altitude of 55 meters, a breathtaking view of Berdorf and the surrounding area. In order to make your stay even more interesting, you will find a lot of information about the region of Müllerthal - Kleine Luxembuger Schweiz on this lookout platform.

Museums in Berdorf

Aquatower Berdorf

Aquatower in Berdorf: the fascination of drinking water

Water is essential for life – so why not refresh your knowledge of this element in a fun way? Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of drinking water by visiting the 55m-high Aquatower in Berdorf. There’s an exhibition with various interactive exhibits on the theme of “Water and Geology”. A special highlight is the climb up to the 50m-high lookout platform, from where you can enjoy a stunning view of Berdorf and the surrounding area. At the foot of the tower are some benches to relax and opportunities for children to play with water.

Closest bus stop: Berdorf, Bif. Heisbich (700m)
Closest parking lot: Aquatower (400m) 

General information

Aquatower Berdorf

106a, rue de Consdorf
L-6551 Berdorf
T : +352 79 01 87 37
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